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Chief Storyteller and Pig-Wrestler

I live by the motto it is "all about the stories" and thank goodness I do since the main profit one derives from a small farm like ours is a wealth of stories.


My "real-world" job is in marketing as the Social Media Manager for our local PBS/NPR member station, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, but my heart is here on the farm.  Whether it is pigs, milking cows or shearing sheep, I love most to get my hands dirty and feel tired at the end of the day from doing "real work".


Vice President of Rainmaking and Mechanical Devices

The second main member of the Dalarna Farm team won't let anyone take his photo and since he spends much of his time behind the steering wheel of a vehicle or underneath one, this is the closest appoximation we can get. :)


A city boy turned man of the country, he makes the world crank and keeps things moving along, rain or shine!


Department Head: Pony Wrangling and Chick Taming

Nobody takes their job more seriously on this farm than our head of Pony Wrangling and Chicken Taming.  At just 5-years-old, she has already mastered the art of leading a horse to water and is taking extending courses on making them drink.

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