Just the wide open prairie sky and Cody airing out his willie on a Sunday afternoon.

Besides passing copious amounts of gas and then staring around at his bottom to try to see where that noise came from, Cody’s other favorite pastime is his daily airing of the willie.

He carefully chooses a sunny spot, ideally one with a bit of a breeze and unfurls his sails. Unfettered by any sort of embarrassment or sense of modesty, he wears it loud and proud.

Uninterrupted, an ideal willie airing for Cody takes up to an hour during which I can only guess he is contemplating Dostoyevsky or perhaps chanting his mantra. Willie airing time is Cody’s zen.

Then, satisfied his willie is fully refreshed, he zips it back up and shambles off to disrupt the peace with another drawn out fart, which can be heard from one end of the farm to the other.

Every farm needs it’s weird old man to make things slightly awkward around guests. Cody, at age 40+, fills that roll for us.

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