Nine little guineas jumping on a fence.

One fell off because he was dense.

Mama screamed bloody murder.

And then the farmer said.

“No more %*#~* guineas jumping on the fence!”

Inevitably, while the entire rest of the world informs me that “guineas are terrible parents” and “if you don’t take them away, all the keets will die”, I have the one guinea family in the world that managed to hatch and rear the whole family to full feathering with a 100% success rate. 😑🤦‍♀️

If you recall, we aren’t even supposed to have ANY guineas after they spent last winter being awful to our chickens on the roosts overnight which meant I sold the whole flock when spring finally came…except 3. Try as I might, I could not catch the final 3 (unless I wanted to use a shotgun). So I made the mistake of just leaving them be.

And of course one was female.

And of course she finally was able to hide a nest from me and hatch a brood.

And of course they all lived.

Despite the fact that this is supposed to be a near impossible feat for guinea fowl on a farm.

And so winter draws near and I am back up 9 *^#*^ guinea fowl AGAIN. They have been plumb wild all summer, sticking to the far trees but when the bugs disappeared, they have finally moved into the yard for food. And it’s like they know they are on probation because so far, no bullying and very little inappropriate screaming. We circle each other like wary adversaries each feed time.

If they behave, they can stay. If not, this may be the time I finally find out what guinea fowl and cream of mushroom soup taste like. 😎

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