And then there was one.
One tail feather that is.
Lloyd is down to a single long tail feather. The raggedy one in my hand is his second to last one, lost to a snap of the jaws from one of our very irate dogs. Lloyd just cannot seem to leave two of our dogs alone—he is fine with our littlest and is terrified of the puppies but he hates our two largest males. HATES. If they get within 20 feet, he starts making this weird trilling sound and then snakes his head out and attempts to run them down. And boy do those dogs run!
If they can’t outpace him (Lloyd is shockingly fast) and get cornered, they have tried nicely to stop him but it matters not, Lloyd keeps coming like a black and white freight train chock full of crazy. And so quite understandably they snap at him.
In addition to surprising speed, Lloyd can turn on a dime like a top end reining horse. And that is why he has progressively lost his entire tail this summer: He chases, dog snaps, Lloyd spins and dogs gets a mouthful of turkey tail.
If Lloyd wasn’t a sad picture of a Tom turkey before, he certainly is now. Idiot, caruncled head blinking red, white and blue, dude snood flailing, he struts around with his lone, bedraggled feather in the air…still believing he is so, so sexy.

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