And there were two…

By some miracle earlier this spring I was able to catch and rehome ALL our #apocalypseguineas except 4. Much like last spring, the final four figured out what I was up to and took off into the trees once Guinea catching season began. 😑

Once they returned, I realized with horror that of those final four, at least 2, maybe 3, were female…meaning that the stage was once again set for a summer guinea takeover.😦

And now it’s May, prime nesting season, and for days I have only seen 2 of the 4 around the barnyard. Desperately, I have followed them in their ramblings, hoping to locate the other two but they are wise and wary and just lead me in wide circled around the pasture. They know I must not know. 

Part of me hopes against hope those 2 missing ones helped feed some local family of foxes but deep down I know they are out there, somewhere, plotting their return. Waiting for that day they will march into the yard, triumphantly parading their beady-eyed army of tiny baby devil clowns through the yard, cackling at me as they watch me slump in defeat, knowing that once more the Guinea Apocalypse wins the day.

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