Someone was asking about our blind lamb, Blenda and so I thought I would give an update!

For those who may have missed her beginnings, she was born a triplet this past spring and was the last one out after some complications. She appeared almost dead at birth and I could just barely tell she was even breathing for a good two hours.

It was touch and go for that first week—We used to Madigan Squeeze (from the equine world-works wonders!) to get her brain operating but still ran into other issues that come with rough births and bottle babies. Finally, when we got her where she was standing and eating and walking, we realized that she had very limited vision. Blenda has made it through the rest of her trials but could only see large solid objects. 😔

Lucky for Blenda, she ended up with 2 bottle baby playmates who made all the difference in her life. Her best friend, Panda, is bold and fearless and yet sticks by Blenda like glue and rarely leaves her on her own. Having someone to follow gave Blenda the confidence she needed to learn to navigate her world successfully with her limitations. She had a wonderful summer with her friends—running and playing and bumping humans for possible snacks whenever she found us. She has no idea something is “wrong” and lives life to the fullest.

Today, all of our herd replacement ewe lambs live together in their own pen for the winter months and if you didn’t know it, you could never tell Blenda isn’t 100% like the rest.
Her vision issues mostly show up with judging distance in less solid objects like wire fencing and in understanding depth perception (puddles and dark spots spook her) but otherwise she acts the part of a normal, happy, healthy lamb!

Next year we will make the decision of whether or not she becomes part of the breeding herd—Ewes mother a lot based on scent so we are hopeful she can go have a wonderful life as a mom. If not, she always has a place here with us as a fiber producer and friend.

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