Behold…the See-Through Chicken!

I found this dude in the feed room stealing corn.

I picked him up to remove him and made the terrible, TERRIBLE mistake of looking closer.

You guys—it’s a SEE-THROUGH chicken.

You can see and count the individual corn kernels in his crop. 🤢 I can see wads of green mush from the grass he ate earlier in the day. I can’t unsee these things and now, neither can you. WHY DOES THIS EXIST??? 

At least God make the horror show that is a turkey’s neck and we can only assume that He had some sort of underlying purpose in doing so. 

But Naked-Neck Chickens?

Humans made those. 

On purpose. 😧

They selectively bred them for generations to achieve the right amount of transparent, wrinkled abomination you see here. 

Why? WHY??????

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