For anyone wondering how Lloyd fared with all the activity of a child’s birthday party on the farm, this photo should help:
Yep, that is Lloyd looking underneath himself after humping the air and, um, leaving his genetic salutations on the grass below.
As has been noted before, Lloyd does not cope well when there is a lot of activity on the farm and nobody is paying direct attention to him. Usually, he will just keep strutting closer and closer until he is practically on your feet and you can’t help but look at him, then he relaxes.
But yesterday the wild antics of the children made him wary of intruding too close and so he set up shop on the other side of the snack food table and made his presence known in other ways. Whether it was the stress of so many possible onlookers or the glorious beauty of the brightly colored unicorn that adorned the tablecloth, but Lloyd chose to spend his afternoon humping the empty air…adding a certain je ne sais quoi to the party atmosphere.
On my part, I can’t figure Lloyd out. He obviously knows how to complete the entire reproductive sequence all the way to the end when by himself but I also find him randomly standing on top of turkey hens and doing absolutely nothing at all–not even trying to complete the sequence. He just awkwardly balanced on their backs for up to 1-2 hours at a time until they get disgusted and walk away or he falls asleep. I keep checking the eggs the turkey hens so desperately want to hatch and not a single one has even shown up fertile. 🙄
For those who tell me to just eat him, here is the kicker: There is nothing to eat! Lloyd spends so much of his day endlessly strutting that he is a very lean turkey…that’s all feathers and little substance. He would be a very disappointing dinner indeed…keeping with the rest of his general disappointment as a turkey.
At the moment Lloyd remains on the farm more of a scientific curiosity than anything else. That said, if he were a human, he would definitely be on the database after this weekend’s antics.

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