It seems so sweet and peaceful but what you are looking at it is a terrifying, fully loaded weapon awaiting its launch orders.

Happy, you see, us becoming well known in our home for being the epicenter of all questionable odors. When you are innocently sitting on the sofa and you say to one and other “Egad, what’s that smell!?!?”, the chances are that they emanate from the GI tract of this small dog.

And unlike most dogs, he has a huge variety of bottom-based bouquets to offer—you never know just what the flavor of the day will bring for they ebb and flow with whatever unsanitary farmyard detritus, countersurfed snack or illicitly begged dinner he has managed for the day. While each butt bomb is distinct in its horror, they are alike in their ability to clear a room in seconds.

And tonight, oh tonight we know he is fully loaded because unbeknownst to me until it was far too late, Echo the parrot took the raw Brussel sprout I gave him, shredded it and tossed the shreds out the door of his cage…directly into the waiting jaws of one small, odiferous dog. I think we are all aware of the dangers of cruciferous vegetables on a normal digestive tract, and so we can only tremble with fear as we await the creation that Happy’s system will spawn with such high powered ammunition…

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