Can we all talk a moment about “cat butter”?

It’s one of those things I have experienced most of my life but never had a name for until recently. A coworker lost both her senior cats in a short period and we were talking about the things you notice when you no longer have a cat in the house and she mentioned “and I no longer have ‘cat butter’ problems”….aka the little cat lick marks in your butter when you leave it within their reach.

Moments later, when I got off that Zoom call, I went in the kitchen and voila, Master PJ had been so kind as to make me a present of a new stick of “cat butter”. ๐Ÿคจ I immediately had to send my cat butter photo back to my coworkers and now that I have a word for it, cat butter is often top of mind for me…mostly because with Master PJ living indoors, we have developed an extreme cat butter problem in our house.

Sometimes I don’t put the butter dish away and he just politely licks the corner off, sometimes he eats the whole end off a stick I left out to make cookies and sometimes, as seen here, the little bastard EATS THE BOX to get to the goods inside. Cat butter is a serious problem for those of us foolish enough to trust cats to live inside our houses.

Master PJ has unlimited food, gets regular treats and absolutely knows he does not belong on our kitchen counters and yet the allure of cat butter is almost always too much for him. I don’t even know how he senses the butter is up there but he can be a dead sleep when I set some out and 10 minutes later I will go in the kitchen and find the telltale cat butter marks. ๐Ÿคฌ

I do my best to keep the butter locked up but it is the season of baking and I REALLY need to be able to keep some butter softened on the counter for perfect cookie protocol. I fear this is a war I will never win. ๐Ÿ˜‘

In the meantime, I feel it is my duty to keep sending my coworker photos of our near daily cat butter episodes to remind her of what she is missing…or not.

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