It’s hard to live through anything that so quickly changes everything about your “normal”. The things that commanded our worry and attention 10 days ago in no way resemble those that do today. It is in times like these that I feel very lucky to live on my little farm.

Not just because no matter what’s happening at the grocery store, I know that hey, I got eggs.

Not just because living at the end of a quarter mile driveway that can drift us in for a week at a time, I am pretty used to being isolated (and kind of like it!).

But mainly because on a farm filled with animals, all with their own needs and requirements, I have enough “to do right now” to settle my mind and center my being on the present and keep me from spinning off into the “what if’s?”, the “how will we’s?” and the “what abouts’?”

With daily chores to bookend each day, I can focus on the “what’s normal today” instead of all the things that are decidedly not.

Instead of endlessly reading the headlines about the national emergency, I can focus on our small farm “emergencies”–like the chicken with a sore foot or the sheep that looks like she wants to have babies in the coming snowstorm. Things that are real, tangible and most importantly, I can do something about.

It is in times like these that the best thing we can do is focus on what is still “normal” in our worlds–the need to do tasks of the day, the things that haven’t changed (like my laundry pile) and the things we can actually take action on (like my laundry pile!). We can only take control of our own actions and thoughts and when we do, we gain some of the power back that things like this try to steal from us.

So let yourself see the normal in your day, take action on your chore list and focus on what you can do right now. We will all get through this together and celebrate another sunrise tomorrow.

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