I know everyone wants to actually meet the Christmas ponies and now that they have proper names, here goes!

The larger white/few-spot leopard pony is “Angel”. She is actually the ONLY pony I meant to buy (more on that below). Aged in the 12-14 year mark and standing just under 13 hands, Angel is a beautifully put together little girl! She is one of those ponies that just has “class” and style in how she looks and moves.

So how did she likely end up in a kill pen?

Angel has what appears to be 100% vision loss due to trauma on her right eye and what appears to be some vision issues on her left as well. The trauma eye is not old so I’d guess someone decided it wasn’t worth dealing with. That said, she gets around really well and you have to look hard to see anything wrong.

She is out grazing in our little pasture in the trees (best spot I can keep them properly quarantined right now) and she is having zero issues navigating the trees and logs on the ground so further evaluation will be needed to know what she sees and does not. Right now, her left eye seems limited in super close-up (within a foot) vision but long sight seems fine. The kill pen had a riding video of halter so we did a test ride this morning and she was absolutely perfect!

The smaller one with a little appaloosa blanket is “Minnie Mouse” (named for her littleness, her mouse-y coloration and the single worst Appy “rat tail” I’ve ever seen!). Minnie got added to our trailer when her original ticket out fell through and not wanting her to have no safety net, and being the giant sucker I am, I said yes when she became available.

Her winter coat over the appy spots makes her kind of look like a petri dish growing mold and she has the broomiest broom tail of a broom tail nag of all time, but she is kind of in that “so ugly it’s cute” category you just can’t resist!
All the kill pen knew about her was that she had been used as a pony ring pony and “may possible be pregnant”. They didn’t list a height on her either so I had no idea how big she was. Turns out she is a perfect 11 hands and possibly quite pregnant! Like we already have a growing udder, folks. We know nothing about the mating, have no due date and it’s December in South Dakota….things might get really interesting really fast!

When you buy any animal sight unseen, with no background (which is a terrible idea and I recommend to nobody, but I definitely haven’t been thinking straight this week!), you don’t know how they are going to act. I admit that in the 48 hours from commitment to purchase until they arrived home, I’ve had terrible visions of unloading semi-feral dragon ponies from the trailer. Anyone who has had ponies knows they can be real, well, sh*ts.

But so far, so good! These girls are SO SWEET. They have perfect manners. Jake ran around like a fool when we unloaded and they didn’t pay him the slightest attention. They lead, tie, catch, pick up their feet perfectly. Little Minnie has tolerated (with zero fuss) me looking at and feeling her lady parts as I try to ascertain how imminent a foal may be. Minnie in particular loves being fussed with and tends to get jealous if we spent too much time with Angel.

Honestly, they might be the kindest, best-mannered horses on the farm right now. I think we just may have gotten some pony angels in disguise as “discards”. ❤️❤️

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