Our “craft” project for the evening: Donkey Pants.

Donkeys are more impacted by flies than most other domestic species. Some have speculated that it is because they have fewer nerve endings on their legs to adapt to the rugged brush of their native desert landscape. Unfortunately that native desert landscape doesn’t have the nasty biting flies of American farmlands and their legs can literally get eaten up if action isn’t taken.

Since we have owned these old girls, we have tried just about everything—every kind of spray and ointment, leg boots, socks, and a previous pair of pants made of old blue jeans. But nothing worked for long and usually by mid-July, the girls are stuck in the barn all day, every dad to avoid the horrible biting flies…but it’s rather stuffy on hot days and not always the most comfortable place, even with their fan. So tonight Evie and I went back to the drawing board.

This time, instead of old jeans, we used Evie’s old leggings and made criss cross shoulder straps out of even more leggings. They are soft, stretchy and so far, the girls seem happy with them! Time will tell if they can stand up to pasture donkey life.

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