Building the Barn Hospital Room

When we first moved to this farm 3 years ago, I had lots of things I wanted in my barn that I thought would be important to me: a tack room, a nice feed room, a bedding bay, tidy places to hang pitchforks, etc. 


I made all of that happen in time but I knew was I missing something important--something I would use but hadn't thought of yet until finally it hit me--I needed a "barn triage bay"!


I had been storing our animal medical supplies in a variety of places--some in the tack room, feed room, porch in the house and the fridge. And I didn't think much of the inefficiency (which was horrible) because the only time I ever needed all that stuff was when I was in a whirlwind of animal chaos and didn't have time to think!


But finally, after a rather rough lambing season this spring, I got it together and created this area from a somewhat unused space in the barn. 


I used an old thrift shop bookcase and my daughter's discardedwood play kitchen for the shelves. The back is a 2x5 foot built in table that has already proven itself as a good spot for putting on bandages, holding chickens for eye drops and wrestling the barn cats for deworming. The tubs hold all manner of extra supplies. And hooks--oh man, did I put hanging hooks EVERYWHERE!

All medicine and medical supplies are now in one amazing space (well one step left--minifridge for the cold stuff getting picked tomorrow!) and in a spot next to lambing/farrowing/milking stalls and my chick brooding room. And I also have space for  the things you don't think of until the sh*t hits the fan: 


-Bottles for every species-seriously every species! Lol
-All the shearing/clipping/hood trimming equipment for every species.
-A big bottle of corn syrup and one of molasses for quick pick em ups
-All my bucket/water tank cleaning supplies
-The tubs are marked and organized with one for baby chick supplies, one for tank heaters/extension cords and one with all manner of odd feeders and tubs.
-A big basket of old rags---well actually this one isn't working so well as my favorite hen has decided she needs to brood some eggs in there and I don't have the heart to tell her no.


I LOVE this new space and highly encourage any homesteader, new or experienced, to consider adding one. Best thing I have added to the farm!

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