Whether Mimi the Pony wants to admit it or not, Mr. Stormy Tumnus the Goat is indeed her friend.

Currently, Mimi and Tumnus are in the “fat camp” paddock together—the place where I am currently keeping all of our, um, “very-ready-for-the-privations-of-a-barren-desert-landscape” residents. The pen consists of our 3 useless goats, Bandit and his best friend Flash (who are just ENORMOUSLY fat right now, but that’s a whole other story) and poor Mimi. She is the only lady in her frat pen of fatties but as she seems to gain weight by simply looking at the hay bale, she must remain with her “fluffy” friends.

Understandably, Mimi finds her whole roommate situation most undignified and entirely unacceptable. Not only is she deprived of eating Cody’s alfalfa, she has to put up with endless goat antics—and three young male goats in one pen means a LOT of antics. They are forever playing, butting, bullying and generally being obnoxious ding dongs with each other.

Except I’ve noticed that while she pins her ears and squeals at everyone else if they get too close, Tumnus is not only allowed within her COVID-safe social distance circle of 6 feet, she lets him get directly next to her—several times now I have seen her let him, gasp, CUDDLE after the two bigger boys got a little too rough. And once I even saw her bite at the bigger goats and run them off, all while letting Tumnus staying directly underfoot. 🤔

Could it be that grumpy old Mimi pony LIKES the weird, bearded little goat?

And then today—everyone was vying for cookies and attention and Mimi let him in her cookie zone. If you know ponies, you know that the cookie zone is where ponies are all business—no one else should be in the path of cookie to their mouth. But Mimi let Tumnus take a cookie nearly out of her mouth! 😯

If these two become besties, it will fit them right in with all the other odd couple animals of this farm.

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