Sheep meets horse, horse meets sheep—joy ensues!

Glenn has been a social outcast among our sheep ever since his separation from the herd last winter due to an illness that almost took his life. After the many weeks he spent in the barn recovering, they just would not accept him. I tried finding him a friend all summer but he just kept wanting to hang out with humans and horses. 🤷‍♀️ And so when the neighbors asked if we had someone who might make a pasture companion for their daughter’s horse, I decided to see if Glenn would fit the job. After all, it meant Glenn would get all the horse and kid attention without having to compete with the herd.

But who would’ve thought an outcast little sheep and an old Quarter Horse gelding would have so much fun? ☺️❤️

They hit it off from the first moment and ended up having a delightful case of the “zoomies” together. Believe it or not from his crazy zoomie galloping here but at one point last winter, Glenn became almost completely paralyzed from sheep polio and had to relearn to walk all over again. It took nearly 6 month until he could do a slow trot and only by fall was he able to run. It appears Hank will help Glenn reach that last level of rehab without any help from us humans.

In case you were wondering how we got Glenn over to the neighbors…well, I really didn’t want to hitch up the trailer for one little sheep so in the back of the Honda Civic he went! And let me tell you, he rode better than most of our dogs do.

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