Happy New Year to me!
All week people kept asking the inevitable question lobbed at all and sundry during particular week of the year “What are you doing for New Years?” and all week I kept giving the same answer “Getting a chariot.” I’m fairly sure most everyone thought it was some really odd euphemism. I mean, I say some random things with zero explanation. But no, really, I went and got a chariot.
Since it is to be used as Elation the Welsh pony’s training cart, and he is currently at the trainer’s in Alcester, it involved a fair bit of logistics management….4 stops, 466 miles and 9 hours on the road to be exact.
I did the math and realized I would save a not insignificant sum by renting a Uhaul truck rather than using my own. My elderly farm truck, while currently doing quite fine as my “tractor”, isn’t fun to drive long distances as it only gets 7 miles per gallon. 😮🤦‍♀️ Plus a uhaul pickup is nearly as bedazzled with logos as a NASCAR and thus it drew all eyes to the prize inside, my chariot!
And so acquire my chariot I did and now Elation can learn his real job. And you better bet when I get this thing properly home, I’m painting it with some just terrible Roman-themed “van art” and driving it about the countryside in full centurian regalia.
2023 here I come! 🏛️🐎

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