Hey Mama, It’s Yo Birthday!

Mama Pig…looking awfully magnificent as she completes her first decade of life. She turns 10 next month!

I’m not one to have birthday parties for animals but I may have to make an exception here.

Not only has Mama long outlived the average pig her size (most sows don’t make it past age 2-3), she is also the animal that has resided on this farm the longest besides the dogs. We brought a pregnant Mama home just a month after we moved onto the farm and thus I baptized myself by fire in learning all about farrowing during an icy cold January.

We no longer breed pigs and Mama has been fully retired for almost two years. She never really liked other pigs (besides Kong the boar!) but when we sold our last feeder pig I said we would get her a companion if she ever seemed lonely. So far, she is perfectly happy being queen of the farm!

Mama spends her days either cuddled in her private box stall on the 4 foot tall straw bed she built herself or sunning herself in the run-in shed outside. She has pasture in the summer and access her own round bale in the winter, along with an occasional beer when it’s been a rough day.

 And as a family, we tend to fight over who gets to bring Mama any failed baking adventures, which she is always happy to help us dispose of.

She gets to ramble about the farm yard some days, just for a bit of variety (or because I forgot to shut the gate

) and I spend a fair bit of time each day making sure the itchy spots on her back get scratched. Don’t tell the other animals, but she is much in the favorite category and so very loved.

Mama Pig has given us so much by way of production, education and just plain joy that I think it is only fair I plan a big party for her 10th birthday. Stand by for plans!

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