Go Ahead, Laugh at Us.

Laugh, cry, scrape the crap off your boots with us...living the farm life to its fullest!  A sampling of some of the funny farm stories that just seem to always happen once you have critters around.

On Shaving Camels


Ask and  ye shall receive...the camel story.

The Red Wench is Gone!


It took more physical effort than I have used for anything, ever, but she loaded!

How I Will Die


Hint: My death will be a dog-induced heart attack.

Vile Wench of a Pig


I really prefer slow, fat, waddling pigs--this pig is none of those things.

Asking Ask a Nurse


I feel good knowing I provide endless fodder for the amusement of nurses on the other end of the line.

The Harness


Someday I will learn to put a sheep marking harness on, but not today.

Diva of the Driveway


In the country, you have to take your wins where you find them.

Rooster Snatching


On learning how a 30-something year old body is not meant to work.

Boob Hay


Let's talk a little bit about that scourge of farm women everywhere: Boob hay.

An Auction Accident


We only went there to get a bunny...

Duck Catching


They may waddle but man are they hard to catch!

Chickens are Horrifying


Chickens are nothing more than ground vultures, seriously...

Bored Teenagers


Is there anything more annoying than bored adolescent males?

Walter the $5 Rooster


On why I shouldn't allowed to go to things called animal "swap and shop".

Piglet Transgressions


On why piglets lose their free-range privileges.

Farm Barter Champion


Bartering is part of farm life...after bartering my castration services for a goat, I consider myself a champion. 

Mixed Up Milk Cow


Mothering skills can sometimes go too far.

Rat Gymnastics


Dark places, rats and screaming.

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