We have a pretty straight-forward goal when it comes to our small hog operation--produce a hog that grows fast, tastes great and doesn't break the bank when it comes to feeding and housing the breeding stock!


Pork is not the other white meat

Marbled, rich red color and flavor that will knock your socks off--this is what pork was meant to be.

They don't stay this small for very long!

Most modern hog breeds have the growing fast part down--they are ready to butcher at 6 months.  The heritage breeds that have made a huge comeback in recent years have brough back the "tastes great" part down as well--take your first bite of a pork chop from a Berkshire or a Red Wattle and you will know what I mean.  But no single breed combines those traits with breeding stock that don't get so huge they make owning them on a small acreage nearly impossible.


An adult Yorkshire boar can reach 1,000lbs or more. And adult Red Wattle can easily tip the scales at 1,200lbs.  And with sows ranging anywhere from 500-1000lbs, just feeding (much less housing!) swine breeding stock can make the whole plan of "raising a few pigs" for the family table a daunting task indeed!

"Perdita", one of our foundation sows. A Gloucester Old Spots/Berkshire/Commercial cross.

That is where the "Dalarna Acreage Hog" comes in.  We are working to combine the best of modern, heritage and small breed genetics to create a sustainable acreage pig that can rustle its own food in pastured or orchard settings, grow quickly to a desired butcher weight, taste great AND reach a reasonable adult size for breeding purposes.  We hope to be able to offer our first hybrid breeding stock by the summer of 2017.


In the meantime, if you are looking for naturally-raised pork or feeder pigs for your family, please contact us at dalarnafarm@gmail.com.  We have several litters throughout the year and will try to accomodate your needs.

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