Yes Mimi, I know, I AM the worst! The worst!

After elderly Cody’s colicky episode and then some other weird digestive juju this week, I have been trying to figure out a better plan. Since his last dental, he has been able to speed eat his grain (which he hasn’t done in awhile, so the dental worked well!) and then I don’t think has been eating as much hay as he should because he would rather stand and air his Willy and just wait for me to bring more pellets.

My Cody fiber consumption worries were exacerbated Tuesday when Cody (in typical rude old man fashion) dropped a load of manure in the barn aisle, nearly on top of the farrier who was working on Cody’s hind feet. The manure was soft like a cow pattie and oh, the smell. THE SMELL.

The wall of stank hit the unfortunately positioned farrier first and he jerked upright  fast, gagging. Confused, I stood at Cody’s head and then it hit me. Rich, moist and far too protein-laden, it enveloped me with all the qualities of septic tank, unwashed arm pits and fermented mung beans melded together into an odor that could be physically felt. Soon we were opening both barn doors in a desperate attempt to free ourselves of the horror that had emanated from Cody’s ancient buttocks.

Because the farmer in me knew I had to, I then inspected the Cody manure once it was safely the open air—besides too smelly, it was too wet, too loose and had almost no fiber in it. Hmmmm…so we don’t want to eat our hay now?

I need him to slooooow down and consume fiber along with his concentrate and that meant going back to the winter feed management plan we used last year: Where I use a tall, super deep trough (made out of an old sandblasted fuel barrel cut in two-hey it works!), put his hand chopped alfalfa hay

 in bottom and crazy expensive old fart “meal In a pellet” feed on top and make him spend all day eating them as a single unit.  Cody loves to sort feed but that mix is pretty hard to sift. I just hate moving the barrel and so had skipped that step for a regular bucket to eat from.

So, how does Mimi figure in?

Well, she is Cody’s official “slow feeder”.

Mimi cannot reach into the tall barrel feeder—she can only hook her wee chin and glare. And that’s all she needs to do. Mimi fusses Cody away for a few minutes every half hour, just to let him know how disgusted she is, and thereby slows down his consumption and keeps him more “regular” in all the ways that are important.

So there is it is. Nobody is really happy, but everyone is alive and healthy. That’s #HorseMomming it.

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