Like so many children, my daughter is home from school for the duration of this strange time in world history. While next week her school is offering us some formal e-learning options, this week we are just winging it.

Evie loves to write and has been “helping” me with my work for public broadcasting as part of her “assignments”. But today she decided to start writing a farm “how to” book for kids. Here is her first (entirely unedited by mom) entry:

It is lambing season. People ask questions like, how do you lamb? Well,1st you have to wait until your sheep is fat, breathing heavily, and not eating also she has to have big boobs.That means she is producing milk.

When she looks ready, you should try to sooth her so she can push the baby out! If your sheep can not get the baby out, help the sheep by pulling on the lamb’s legs. Now, you can say ‘What a cute baby!’


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