It’s important to make good choices in life.

Choices on where to go to school, what career to enter, what spouse to pair with and where you want to raise your children.

And so here we must all question all the life choices of the little Banty hen who has chosen to set on eggs she has laid 6 feet off the ground ABOVE THE DOOR. Yes, she apparently has a nest tucked in the 4 inch wide space above the coop door. 🤦‍♀️

“Oh just grab her and move her.” you glibly say.


If there is anything more terrifying than a hen protecting a nest, it is a BANTAM hen protesting a nest.

Those tiny things are little velociraptors on a good day, much less all puffed up with the indignant righteousness of motherhood. And banties (as seen here) can FLY—you know how you freak out when a bat gets in your house and flies around your head , not after you but just seeking a way out? Well take that fear and couple it with the fact that the flying thing REALLY IS attempting to peck your eyes out and you can better understand what it is to mess with an angry banty.

And chances are if I move her now, we will repeat that scene every week for the rest of the year in this high nook or another. No thank you sir, I will let that sleeping dog lie for the moment.

We will just set the timer for 21 days and when they do hatch, nab mom and babes in the dead of night with some falconry gloves. At least then it’s just one big catch and she can be satisfied she got to raise some babies to raise and I’m off the hook for catching her…until next year. 😳

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