Looking for Love in All The Wrong Places…

The joys of mares with no known history.

The white mare showing off her booty to the bay gelding is Angel. 

Angel wasn’t supposed to be pregnant when we brought her home in December but a “better just check” ultrasound said other wise. Angel is now supposed to be pregnant and could ostensibly be due any day. Angel normally spends her days being fat, sleepy and eating the best of everything to support her “condition”. While her belly has grown, thus far we have no other signs of imminent horse baby. Not unusual in a maiden mare but still… 🤔

And now today Angel decided she was in full blown standing heat and started looking for love in all the wrong places…like old man Jake who was like “WTH lady, get you booty outta my face!” She was being a straight up squealing, winking, whinnying ho-bag all dang day. Jake tried to politely decline but eventually had to bite her to get her to leave off. 🙄

In most species you would say “Oh so she must not be pregnant, she is just a chunky butt” and it would be case closed. But oh ho, not so with horses! Late term mares are not unlikely to start feeling amorous as the baby’s repro organs grow, sending out hormonal signals. I asked experienced people who “know” and got a variety of horror stories of mares doing all that they can to get some loving when while heavily pregnant.  🤦‍♀️

And so I either have a rather fat pony mare out there having the normal “feelings” that come with spring or a very pregnant mare who is filled with the same raging hormone concoction typically found in teenage boys. 🤷‍♀️

Either way, poor Jake would like to file a sexual harassment claim after how today went. 

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