It’s baby watch season and even with spiffy new barn cameras, that means at least one bedtime night check.  

I feel rather bad about disrupting everyone’s slumber but at least sheep and ponies are semi-alert at night. Mostly they just come to their stall doors and chat me up about possible midnight snack.

Not so with pigs—they sleep on a schedule very similar to humans. By 8pm at night, Mama is buried deep in her straw bed and getting her much needed beauty sleep. And so having me walk in and waking her up up has the same rudeness level as when Evie wakes me up at 4am on a Wednesday to tell me about the really exciting dream she had. 🤦‍♀️😳 Mama is NOT thrilled to see me.

I feel terribly guilty and so I may have taken to sneaking her some of the very best tidbits from the house to assuage that guilt. Tonight it was cherry streusel dessert pizza from our dinner. The joyous look on her face made it 100% worth it. 😉

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