Many of you have been asking about Lloyd…a little worried when I post food pics that he might have finally found the crock pot. 😜
Rest assured that Lloyd is alive and inasmuch as a daft, basketball humping Tom turkey be, he is well.
But he is, as you may note, missing more than a few tail feathers (again).
Last summer (2019), starting in about mid-July, Lloyd decided he hated two of our dogs—Falcor and Gus. Just those two and nobody else. As far as I know, they had never done him any farm but suddenly Lloyd was possessed by a desire to destroy them.
And so began about two months of turkey-terrorization of those two dogs.
Whenever Lloyd could get a hit on them, he would….chirping weirdly and rushing them to peck them in the butt.
Most of the time, the dogs would gallop off mostly unscathed (Lloyd is neither sneaking or fast) but sometimes Lloyd would get lucky and corner them and get a solid hit, which made the persecuted dog snap around and go after its nemesis. Lloyd can spin on a dime pretty good and so the dogs only got a fleeting snap at Lloyd’s tail…which week by week removed each and every feather until the idiot bird was out there strutting around with nothing but a few scraggly stumps.
And then, as suddenly as it started, it stopped in early fall and Lloyd quit bothering the dogs entirely. I thought perhaps he has “learned his lesson”. Boy was I wrong. 🤦‍♀️
Because after a perfectly peaceful fall, winter and spring, Lloyd started his attacks all over again this July. And once again, week by week, his tail became more and more bedraggled. He must be getting a little quicker because it’s not quite disappeared yet but still, WHY must the dogs be persecuted each Summer? WHY?
It’s now about the time last year he finally laid off nothing them and I’m hoping he gets his brain back online before it truly gets cold and he has a nothing but a naked booty to rest on all winter.

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