Creepy McCreeper Lloyd has begun staying up late just to strut behind me when I go to feed the sheep their late feed (supposedly feeding late in the evening helps induce daytime lambs).

All the other birds are happily in bed, while Lloyd waits just around the corner of the garage and then follows me from the barn to the sheep shed, strutting and drumming the entire time. It’s weird, even for Lloyd.

I have no idea when he finally goes to sleep. Will he start staying up even later when he realizes I am doing lamb checks at zero dark thirty? Lloyd is already super weird, how much weirder might he get with no sleep? How much weirder will I get if all 11 ewes drag out their lambing season over the longest period possible thereby rendering me sleepless for something like 9 weeks?

We may all get the find out on this week’s episode of Twilight Zone Farm Edition.

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