These chicks represent this busy lady’s THIRD brood of the year. I absolutely did not intend to let her hatch another round but she hid herself well in the barn and I didn’t find her until I heard the peeping of FOURTEEN chicks. 😑

But this time I’m not letting her raise them in the barn because her last batch of (now unruly) teenagers still insists on sleeping in there and keep pooping on poor Mama Pig’s head so I snuck out last night and did a baby snatch in the dark. My goal was to nab all 14 babies and put them in a bucket for transport and then come back and grab mom.

Even at zero dark thirty this terrifying ninja hen still tried to take me out during the encounter. I got maybe 2 chicks in the pail before she launched her attack and jumped on my head. I had tiny babies running around my feet so I couldn’t do what I wanted, namely to flail, scream and run around, so I had to flap my arms at my head until I could get them on her. She got several good shots in before I had a good hold.

And so it was I caught the remainder of the now scattered chicks one-handed with a murderous screaming hen under the other arm.

It’s an art, I tell you.

(and as you can tell by this photo, yes she still wishes to murder me)

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