Things I learned in the last 24 hours thanks to y’all:

If you cross a Turken chicken (like Mr. Handsome here) with a Silkie chicken, you get a poofy feather boa chicken with a partially feathered neck and poofy head called a “Showgirl”.

And if you cross a Showgirl to a Showgirl, you can get a fluffy, half poofed head with a naked neck chicken which is called, I kid you not, a “Stripper”.

And if that chicken is bi-colored/spotted, it is called a “Paint Stripper”. 🤔

But most importantly, this all means that if I am walking through a proper chicken show at the fairgrounds, a place where the term “rooster” is never allowed and only the more technical “cockerel” or “cock” is, I am going to eventually run into a chicken labeled as “Stripper Cock” and I will be reduced to helpless laughter and have to be escorted off the premesis. Because one never really stops being 10 years old. 😂😂🐔

(ps also thanks to y’all and the fact that obviously I am terribly immature, I can’t unsee what his lower neck resembles in this photo. 😳)

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