For those who own a Great Pyrenees, the “Pyr Paw” boop is a very real thing. You just never know when they think a good old fashioned boop is called for.

A giant floof of a foot, it has a wide variety of uses such as:

-Human Booper: Used to boop humans when they forget to say hi or scratch a belly or inadvertently are looking the other way and need to be booped back to attention.

-Toy Booper: Used to boop toys or other inanimate objects to assess their qualities of bounciness, squeakiness and squishiness.

-Friend Booper: Used to check if other animal friends are awake or if they need to be moved from your favorite bed. Never use a Friend Booper if Mama Sheeps or Goats are about, their Head Boopers hurt!

-Play Booper: (shown here) Used to boop friends as part of the “I booped you, now try to boop me” game. Sadly, non Pyrs do not come pre-equipped for such antics.

What uses does your Pyr Paw Booper have? 😜🐾

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