This is Lloyd.

Lloyd is beautiful. Lloyd is proud.

Lloyd has the lady turkeys all across the farm absolutely swooning for him but Lloyd is far too cool for them.

You see, while all the ladies follow Lloyd around, awaiting his amorous attentions, Lloyd is busy showing himself off to the guinea fowl…or the chicken hens…or a basketball (yes, a basketball).

He literally courts any turkey-sized thing on the farm but absolutely will not give the lady turkeys the time of day.

I don’t know if he is playing hard to get or if he is truly this clueless but the lady turkeys are starting to get really, um, upset. You see, it’s spring and everyone is all about the birds and the bees and after the loss of our beautiful bronze tom, Lloyd is the only man left around and so the gals are circling him like fan girls around a boy band.

But Lloyd just wants to strut around and court his sexy basketballs and old buckets.And so I might have to get him some more basketballs and the ladies a new man…

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