Who watched the new All Creatures Great and Small on PBS last night?

I will refrain from any big spoilers but I think we all need to talk about the gate incident.

There is a scene early on wherein James Herriot is driving and his boss Siegfried is passenger and they come to a farm gate. Siegfried is “hazing” James a bit on his first farm call and instead of opening the gate (as we know is expected of any farm vehicle passenger, LOL), he makes James open it.

He opens it.


I sat there, expectantly waiting for this to be a funny plot point—new vet doesn’t know to close the gate, livestock escape, chaos ensues.  It is almost formulaic comedy.

Except nothing happens. NOTHING. 

They just never shut the gate and nobody cares or notices.  I was aghast.  You ALWAYS SHUT THE GATE, ALWAYS!

This flaw in the farmyard details had me and my farm friends madly texting each other after the show, appalled that they would entirely forget such a major thing.  If you open it, you shut it. If you don’t shut it, it is the law of farmyards that any nearby animal will find that open gate within 1.7 seconds.  Only someone who has not suffered the consequences of chasing loose stock over hill and dale (Yorkshire pun intended) would dare forget to have the lead character CLOSE THE GATE.

Better yet, in the background (I lost all focus on the characters after the gate was left open as I watched the farmyard to see what would happen next), you can actually see a sheep really escape to the road!  I’m betting that although the character James Herriot escapes the consequences of leaving a farm gate open, the real-life member of the set crew got duly yelled at for his major farmyard transgression. 

In closing, don’t forget to shut the gate! 

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