Poor Stumpy…his long legs and tiny body size are definitely not adapted for South Dakota cold.

I knew winter would be hard on him given his body type but so far we have had a very mild winter. But the last few days were truly cold and while doing chores yesterday, I found him shivering and getting hypothermic along a fence, a looooong ways from the coop. I think he went out free ranging, got too cold and then could not get back. So I stuffed him in my coat, finished feeding everyone and brought him inside to warm up.

And with it cold again today, he remains in my office until we come up with a better plan for him to stay warm.But he makes a pretty great office companion. He is a Modern Game Bantam, meaning that is long ago ancestors were little fighting chickens. That ancestry has given him a heightened sense of confidence in all situations. He has always been a rooster we can just pick up and cuddle whenever we want and he is having no issue being inside. I felt bad keeping him locked in the dog kennel all day so I let him out and he is just cruising around, having a wonderful day for a tiny chicken.

Maybe this can just be our get through the winter plan—on cold days, he is my “office help”. LOL

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