Meet “Stumpy”.

Stumpy is the most ridiculous looking animal on the farm (and that’s saying something considering Lloyd and the one-horned goats live here too) and every time he runs up to me in the yard, I can’t help but giggle.

Stumpy is part of Evie’s 4-H chicken collection. Our local 4-H office connects kids with “fancy” chicken breeders and you tell them how many you want and they put a bunch of fancy breed chicks in a box…we brought home 8 wee Banty chicks of various breeds. And in Stumpy and friends case the box he was sent home in was, somewhat disturbingly, an old broasted chicken container. 😳 This certainly set the stage for this group of chickens.

Stumpy was the odd man out from day one-even as a tiny chick he was all legs and all attitude. Not a “bad attitude” but certainly a BIG one. He is a bantam breed chicken which means that while he has crazy long legs, he weighs all of maybe 12 ounces. But don’t tell him that! He fears nothing and no one and thinks us humans are big hens he should befriend by bringing us foods. 😂😂 There are few things more ridiculous that a flamingo-legged tiny rooster clucking in circles to show you the watermelon you just have him.

After show season, we really have no need for this many tiny roosters but Stumpy’s mere existence brings me too many smiles and so he shall remain.

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