This rooster, named by Evie as “Gary”, isn’t Batman but he is a bit of a superhero!

Gary came to the farm several weeks ago when he and his little bantam Cochin (Bill) best friend were kicked out of town for being cock-a-doodle dudes instead clucky little ladies. They were well loved and very socialized with their former family and from day one, Gary has adored Evie. She gives him Ritz cracker and he is the one chicken happy to sit on her lap for pets. 🤷‍♀️

Gary has also integrated seamlessly into the flock. Despite Lloyd and Leo attempting to bully him, he has become a solid citizen—Kind to the hens, deferent to the lead rooster and a helpful police officer for the young, clueless, idiot roosters which abound on the farm this year. All in all a really awesome (and beautiful) rooster to have added to our flock.

But he still managed to surprise the heck out of me by going way above and beyond what I expect from a mere “yard bird”.

The other day we were finishing chores and I asked Evie to go check to see if a water tank across the yard was full. I kept to my own task until suddenly I heard her hysterically screaming. She was being attacked by one of our young and dumb roosters.

Before I could get across the yard, it was over because gallant Gary had literally swooped in and saved the day! He jumped at the offending bird and stopped the attack instantly with an attack of his own. Gary was twice the size of the jerk bird and that rooster took off like his tail was on fire.

And then Gary amazed me even more by placing himself between Evie and the bad rooster for the next 20 minutes we were outside. He solicitously followed her and whenever the other rooster got too close, he charged him. He treated Evie as if she were every bit as important part of the flock as the hens were and protected her thusly. I could not have been more touched and now Evie has been telling all her friends about her “guard rooster”. I’m guessing she is the only one her class who can boast such a thing!

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