I’m not cut out for surprises.

I like exact dates, known plans, precise facts.

Therefore having a pony mare who may or may not have a baby coming in the next month is driving me quite bonkers. 

The number of mare belly/booby/nether region photos currently stored on my phone will probably cause me problems should I ever run for public office. The amount of time I spend obsessing over how today’s photos look compared to last week’s photos could probably be better used coming up with a new million dollar idea. The stress I feel every morning going to the pasture and being terrified of finding a pony baby I wasn’t ready for might be better allocated to winning the Hunger Games. 

Compounding my “will she or won’t she” paranoia is the immense wealth of data out there telling me that even when you have an actual due date, you “just don’t know” with maiden mares. They may show a giant belly or look totally fit until delivery. They may get a large udder weeks ahead of time or none at all until after the baby is born. They may be really obvious about impeding baby time or hide it perfectly until you are back in the house for coffee. Even with all the data, first time mares are the pits!

And yet there is nothing to do but wait and see. 😑

Tick, tock, tick, tock…nothing worse than waiting for surprises to jump out at you!

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