The S*x Lives of Elderly Pigs

The s*x lives of elderly pigs…
Not something I thought I’d ever know about. 😬
When Kong arrived back with me a year ago, to live out his retirement after a life as a breeding boar, he arrived missing some key equipment. He was castrated not so much because we were worried about “babies” (Mama is an old lady after all), but more to keep his frustration and general number of “ideas” to a minimum.
Little did I know.
Turns out that Mama at the (very) elderly age of 12 is still a woman with “needs” and Kong, quite aged himself as he hits double digits next year, is more than happy to oblige her. 🙈 When the mood strikes her, she pursues him relentlessly until she gets what she wants. At first it seemed to follow a normal pig heat cycle but for some reason, the move to the new farm has only aroused their passions yet further. It’s been a regular smut fest here. 🐽
This senior citizen couple, ensconced in their palatial retirement villa, currently has busier “intimate” life than many married humans in my orbit. 😜 And for anyone who has owned a breeding pair of pigs, you know that the WHOLE farmyard gets a show for there is no such thing as porcine shame. We all wish there was shame…most days would be far less awkward, especially if the unfortunate UPS man shows up at just the wrong moment. 😮
And so it would appear there is no expiration date for swine hanky panky. I guess we can all only hope for such “active” retirement years.

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