Tis the Season…of Bad Decisions

Tis the season of bad decision making… 😬

A fall spent helping friends buy new horses had me dialed into waaaaaay too many horse for sale and “kill pen” horse pages. Pages I normally strategically avoid because I “know better” (really, I do!!).

And then I had a stressful week that made me super vulnerable scrolling through sad pony faces that cost way less than the amount of “chicken” money in the flower pot. When you fail to have normal human vices like drinking or drugs, cheap sad ponies are a terrible temptation.

And then the people who are normally “voices of reason” in my life utterly failed in their duties. 🤨 They failed SO HARD (you know who you are!)

And let’s face it, you never really outgrow the desire to have ponies arrive for Christmas. 🎅

And so, yeah, ponies happened!

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