Waiting on the Poultry Puffs…

Tis the season of missing poultry…

I had a hunch that our white turkey hen had gone off to set on a nest but I was worried she was doing it all in vain because we all know there is exactly ZERO chance Lloyd has actually created any fertile turkey eggs and I don’t want her half starving on the nest for a full month for no good reason. So I spent this morning searching through the farm nooks and crannies in an effort to locate the wannabe mom.

When I finally found her, I breathed a sigh of relief because instead of trying to hatch her own eggs she had actually moved a chicken hen off a nest and was safely setting on some (definitely fertile!) chicken eggs. And as much as i DO NOT need more barnyard mix chickens running around, I don’t have it in me to make her leave. Not to mention the fact that accessing the eggs to remove would mean unstacking 30 bales of straw and risking this angry face to retrieve them. 😦

My search uncovered many wonders this morning because in addition to this turkey, I found 2 ducks on nests, my fugly and elderly naked neck hen setting on eggs in the horse trailer and a bantam hen stuck in a hay hole I have zero hope of getting her out of. 

It appears I will have a farmyard full of various poultry puffs whether I like it or not. 

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