Fun fact about having a rooster spend the night in your living room: He will crow starting at 0500 and that unexpected, siren-loud, ear-splitting sound will nearly scare you out of your skin.

I found this the idiot floating amongst the chunks of ice in the water tank. If he had fallen in 5 minutes later I would have been done with chores and never found him in time. But I did find him and as the temp dropped precipitously last night, I knew I had to get him completely dry before he could go back out.

Do you have any idea how long it takes to dry out a soaked rooster?

Soooooooo long. So very long. His fluffy butt just would not fluff back up!

So after filling the bathroom with some pretty intense wet chicken stank for a good 30 minutes last night (Pro tip: Perch your wet rooster on the edge of the bathroom sink as seen here and then shut off all lights but the nightlight to induce chicken night coma mode for blow drying and you will have better success than trying to hold a flapping, angry bird—wet wings hitting your face are the worst sort of b*tch slap you can imagine), I finally gave up and decided he could dry in his own time. But that meant spending the night in a warm room. So into the dog kennel in the living room he went. 🤷‍♀️

Something tells me that he is not going to be terribly excited to be freed again outside. I opened his door to check on him this morning and he just settled down on his fluffy blankie and stared me as if to say “make me”.

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