This trio is one of three rival gangs of tiny bantam roosters I have stalking the farm.

Besides the #guineafowlapocalypse, we seem to have also ended up with a tiny gangsta rooster problem in 2020.  Banty hens are the broodiest of broody hens and incredibly, incredibly sneaky at hiding their clutches.

This particular group was hatched by my favorite wee hen in a nest she hid in the (seldom used) barn garbage bin. Another hen hid a nest above a door jam. Another tunneled deep into the straw bale stack and layed her eggs in what was essentially a chicken burrow. While banty chicks are the cutest things ever, I knew we definitely didn’t need any more of them so I tried to stop the brooding but clearly the hens got the best of me by the end of summer.

And, of course, nobody wants my extra roosters and so now we have “gangs” of tiny roosters having little skirmishes all day, every day. 🤦‍♀️

They travel about in their little groups of brothers, with indentical triplets making up each of the three war parties. So far their wars mostly consist of lots of crowing and showing off, made all the more ridiculous because they have the saddest, squeakiest little voices yet.  But soon I expect I will have to take more serious measures to ward off a full scale chicken Fight Club on the lawn.  These nine boys are eventually going to run afoul of their older brethren and judging by their lack of skills, it won’t go well for them.

Soooo, anyone need a squeaky little feathered alarm clock for Christmas? 😉

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