I’m in a work Zoom meeting…muted, as usual, because right now Echo the parrot is going full throttle with his impression of a “frantic kitten”. He has perfected the panicky meow of Peter Jr, who likes to scream piteously when he finds himself in a room with no humans.

In turn, that particular pitch of meow sets all the (formerly sleeping) idiot dogs off in a possessed search of the unhappy kitten. They all wake up and start careening around, barking at each other as they begin their search.

Three of the dogs actually want to “help” the upset kitten they are looking for, the fourth (Frank) just wants to further antagonize the sad kitten and the last dog (Gus) has no idea what is going on but figures he should storm around the house in the hot mess too. Of course, they can’t find the kitten because the “kitten” is actually the parrot, who finds the whole thing riotously funny and persists in making the kitten noise because he gets such a wonderful reaction. 🤦‍♀️

And the actual kitten?

Well, he is sleeping in my office like so:

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